Spell-Ur-Name workout

Workouts should never be boring! I came up with this total body workout that will spice up your daily routine. Start by spelling your name and complete each exercise that follows. Include your first and last name for the most effective workout!

A: 30 squats

B: 45 sec arm circles

C: 1 min plank

D: 50 jumping jacks

E: 1 min wall sit

F: 25 crunches

G: 20 burpees

H: 45 sec arm circles

I: 15 push ups

J: 50 jumping jacks

K: 15 burpees

L: 30 squats

M: 45 sec arm circles

N: 20 burpees

O: 1 min plank

P: 10 push ups

Q: 25 crunches

R: 15 burpees

S: 1 min wall sit

T: 50 jumping jacks

U: 10 push ups

V: 25 crunches

W: 20 burpees

X: 30 squats

Y: 1 min plank

Z: 15 burpees



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