Here is my newly made calorie journal. I added a section for water intake, which is just as important as counting calories. Each check box marks 8oz of water. The goal is to drink 8 glasses of 8oz of water, daily. Good luck!

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 11.11.51 AM.png



Goods fats Vs. Bad fats

The word “fat” has taken a bad reputation, but it’s time for the truth to come out!

GOOD fats:

  • avocado oil/canola oil/olive oil/peanut oil/sunflower oil/flaxseed oil
  • nuts/seeds/pistachios/pecans/almonds/peanuts
  • almond butter
  • peanut butter
  • avocados
  • salmon/tuna

BAD fats:

  • margarine
  • french fires
  • fried/deep fried/ bettered foods
  • boxed pancake mix
  • boxed cake mixes
  • cookies
  • ice-cream
  • microwave popcorn
  • pre-packaged non-dairy creamers
  • biscuits/sweet rolls
  • breakfast sandwiches
  • frozen dinners
  • crackers
  • palm oil
  • processed meats


Lemon water is some of the best advice I can give anyone trying to lose weight, especially drinking it after waking up in the morning. It improves digestion, supports the immune system, provides energy, rejuvenates skin, flushes the body, reduces mucus, boosts brain function, freshens breaths, hydrates the body and most importantly, is anti-cancer!

Fruit Infused Water!

These recipes are quick and so easy! Let’s be honest, water can sometimes get boring to drink. Try these add-ins and you’ll be craving a drink of infused water.

lemon + mint+ cucumber +water

berries + basil+ water

orange + blueberries + water

watermelon + kiwi+ strawberries +water

raspberries +lemon +water

mango +cucumber + ginger +water

Best foods to eat before/after a workout

It is always a good idea to fuel your body before hitting the gym, but what exactly should you be eating? Before going for an intense workout, trying eating apples, dark chocolate, bananas, avocados or drinking some green tea. These foods will give you a burst of energy, which is exactly what you want and need.

After workout snacks are almost as important as the workout itself. These include hummus, peanut butter, salmon, milk, and of course, water! These foods are packed with protein that help your muscles repair and build.