Tips and Tricks

Tips for Beginners

(or anyone who needs a reminder)

Being new to the “fitness world” can be intimidating. Everyone lines up at the same starting point and has relativity the same goals—to finished the race. In this case, living a healthy lifestyle has no finish line, but you get the point. Everyone must start somewhere. I came up with some helpful tips when it comes to beginners. Read and understand these bullet points and you’ll be on your way to crossing the starting line.

I came up with 5 topics that are utterly important to master—consistency, posture, dieting, learning and listening.

#1 Consistency takes practice. Building lifelong habits takes time, no matter what the topic is. But once you’ve built those habits you will be itching to complete them during your daily schedule.  

#2 Posture is key when lifting weights. Correct posture does not only prevent injury from occurring but also maximizes effectiveness during each exercise. Standard posture includes your lower back slightly arched, chest up and neck resting in the neutral position. Do not lift anything bending forward and avoid twisting your body.  

#3 Dieting can seem tough and expensive, but it’s crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Just because you go to the gym doesn’t mean you get to spend the day munching on Cheetos and drinking soda. A clean diet is key for mental and physical health. The word “diet” does not have to be scary and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive either. I am not advising you to eat bread and water for a week straight. Nutrition doesn’t have to be difficult—it needs to be fun and it needs to taste good!

#4 Learn from your mistakes and figure out what works best for you. Like I said earlier, no one starts out as an expert. The trick is to pay attention to your failures and learn from them. A great way to keep track of all of it is to write down everything in a journal or log. Record your calories consumed, your calories burned, and most importantly, how you feel about the entire situation.

#5 Listen to your body. Whether you or sore or tired, listen to your body. Do not over work your muscles if you are not feeling capable. Do not lift any weights that you feel is too heavy as you can pull a muscle. Get enough sleep, let your muscles recover, then hit the gym and repeat the process.